mxsteez Abroad *Extras* – Alex Talks (Uvita, Costa Rica)

Alex from the Tucan Hotel in Uvita, Costa Rica shares of the good times we had while visiting for a month in Uvita, Costa Rica in this EXTRAS feature of mxsteez Abroad.  Alex is the receptionist at the Tucan Hotel.  He is very good at his job.  He shows all of the guests at the hotel/hostel a great time and he makes it a point to accommodate everyone.  He will also introduce you to many activities in the area that he partakes in such as going to waterfalls, the bamboo forest, beaches close by and he’ll also teach you alittle bit about his favorite sport which is kapuwada which he describes as a not only a sport but a way of life.  If you visit the Tucan Hotel, make it a point to meet Alex.  His attitude and personality will change your perspective on life.  Enjoy.


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mxsteez Abroad – Hasta San Blas – Episode 7 (Season Finale)

On this episode of mxsteez Abroad, the team leaves Costa Rica and begins their journey back to San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico. Long days in the truck. The team stops in Tamarindo, Costa Rica for a couple of nights then they B-line it to Mexico and stop in Puerto Escondido. Three days later, the team made it back safely to San Blas, where the trip began. It was an awesome trip and we sincerely thank everybody who helped us make our dream a reality! Thank you all! I hope you all enjoyed the series. Be sure to stay tuned for extras on the trip and things we are doing in San Blas. Also, stay tuned for the full feature movie of the trip that will be coming out sometime in 2015!

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mxsteez Abroad – Dominical, Pavones, & Uvita – Episode 6

On this episode of mxsteez Abroad, the team surfs Dominical more then they head to Pavones for a few days where they found no waves.  Since there was no surf, the team decided to go back to Uvita for a while before they make their way back to Mexico. The team made some amazing friends while staying in Uvita for a month. The team will surely never forget all of the wonderful experiences they shared with fellow travelers on this trip so far.  Here is another video for your viewing pleasure.

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mxsteez Abroad – Pura Vida – Episode 5

On this episode of mxsteez Abroad, the team makes it to Dominical, Costa Rica, where they stayed for several weeks with the assistance of helpful contributors such as the Tucan Hotel. The team enjoyed surfing the Dominical beach break, chilling at the waterfalls in Uvita (the town we stayed in), and working hard in trade for lodging. As you can see… it has been a great time.  And there are still great times to come! This video goes out to everybody who has helped us so far in making this trip possible. We thank you all!

Stay tuned as the team will be making their way to Pavones, Costa Rica next.

Enjoy the episode and don’t forget to follow our journey on our Facebook page, Youtube channel & here on the blog.

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Jacó Bay Resort Condominiums (Jacó, Costa Rica) Review

IMG_1106We stayed at Jacó Bay Resort Condominiums for four nights.  Though they use the word “Resort”, it is more of a Condominium Hotel.  Jacó Bay Resort Condominiums is located on the outskirts of the small beach town of Jacó, Costa Rica.  Jacó Bay is about a 10 minute walk to the beach and a 15 minute walk to town, along side a two lane highway which wasn’t very busy when we were there.  When you arrive to Jacó Bay Resort Condominiums,  you will approach a gate which is controlled by the guards, who are in the guard shack 24 hours a day.  They will guide you to the reception area where you check-in.  At check-in, you will be given a paper bracelet that allows the staff to know you are a guest at the resort.  When you approach your assigned building you will be happy to find elevators to take you to your floor.  You will notice that the buildings are very basic, painted all white and relatively clean with no air conditioning except in your room (I saw a dead cockroach in the elevator on one occasion and multiple times there was a puddle of water left behind from people who had swam in the pool and failed to dry off before entering the elevator… no big deal).  Once you reach your floor, you will next search for your room.  IMG_1127Once you enter your room you will be happy to find multiple air conditioning units in every room, a fully equipped luxury kitchen complete with a dishwasher, oven and stove with ventilation fan, multiple lights with dimming capability, large sink with dish rack for drying, large counter space with breakfast bar complete with sitting stools, average sized refrigerator, blender, microwave, coffee maker, toaster oven, and cabinets with sets of six: quality silverware, mugs, glasses, plates, tea cups etc.  Everything you need for 6 people.

IMG_1133In the kitchen area was a washer and dryer, mop, broom, dust pan and storage shelves/pantry.  The dining room had a modern glass top dining table with 6 chairs and placemats for six as well.  Double sliding glass doors open to the balcony where there was a small table, ash tray and two chairs.  Our room overlooked the pool.  Some rooms are ocean view and some over look the street.  The resort is not fully complete.  Two towers are still in various phases of completion, however, the major construction is finished, so no noise problems at all.

IMG_1131Our living room was complete with two remote controlled air conditioners, a sizable television, a sofa and two comfortable chairs, all modern of course.  Our unit was a three bedroom, two bath set up with two bedrooms containing twin beds and a master bedroom with a king size bed.  All the beds were very comfortable as well as the pillows.  The bathrooms were sizable with plenty of towels, shampoo and soap.  Although it is not promoted as a hotel, each day, room service would come in, sweep the floors, launder the towels, mop, and replenish our soap, toilette paper etc. just like a hotel operation. IMG_1116 Outside of the buildings, you can find a very large pool with three jacuzzi/spa pools within the one large pool.  The pool was cleaned every morning and was monitored by a staff member (almost all day) with a remote control for the spa pools etc.  Near the pool is multiple outdoor showers and bathroom facilities.  Behind the pool is a playground area for children and next to the playground is a sandy area with a volleyball court.  This community area is most definitely the highlight of the resort.

Though there were a few, very minor, turn-offs about Jacó Bay Resort Condominium (such one or two items of trash floating in the pool at the end of the day, a few cockroach sitings, a few areas of the facility that wasn’t very well cleaned), you must keep in mind that this is a developing facility with a small staff for the size of the resort.  The bugs are understandable considering the resort is located in the jungle of Costa Rica.  The staff was very friendly and helpful.  We arrived a day early and stopped by the Resort to see if they had a room available, which they did not.  They made several calls to find something for us, since the entire town was near capacity.  They found a room for us at another hotel which we wound up not even going to since it was beyond our budget.  They were helpful in all respects and made every effort to accommodate us.  

Video footage of this facility was included in one of our episodes of mxsteez Abroad… here.

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mxsteez Abroad – Nicaragua to Costa Rica – Episode 4

On this episode of mxsteez Abroad, the team leaves Leon, Nicaragua after having a suitcase stolen from the truck. The team makes their way to Tamarindo, Costa Rica in the same day. The team had a wonderful stay at Hotel Nahua in Tamarindo (Full review here) and continued traveling to Jaco, where they stayed at Jaco Bay Condominium Resort (Full Review coming soon). Next, the team made it to Uvita, which is where they are now. Enjoy the episode and don’t forget to subscribe to the Youtube channel and to the mxsteez blog as well.

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Restaurante Jacó Rustico Camping (Jacó, Costa Rica) Review

Jaco Camping

This is the only place for camping in Jacó, Costa Rica.  So, if you want to camp, look for the Restaurante Jacó Rustico, which is located on a side street, off of the main drag in Jacó.  From the main road, look for Restaurante Langostas.  This is where you need to turn, heading toward the beach, which is only a block away. The campground is owned and operated by the Restaurant Jaco Rustico which is a “Comida Tipica” place with a good value. They are always full with a line to get in to eat in their outdoor dining area. The restaurant looks good however we did not eat there.  The campground is behind the restaurant.  If you are driving, you turn left into the restaurant parking lot to the campground entrance gate. When we arrived, the office for the campground was closed but the gate was open. We were told it was okay to enter, set up camp, and pay in the morning.

The entire campground was fenced, however, they never closed or locked the gate all night. Each camping area was spacious with running water, a sink, trash can, and picnic tables. There were tons of ants.  The ants were everywhere and the problem was such that you couldn’t have your feet on the ground without ants crawling on you and biting you. Being from Florida, where fire ants are pretty much everywhere, it was not much of a problem. We just sat on the top of the picnic tables with our feet on the bench rather than the ground. The mens bathrooms had showers, and toilets without toilet seats. The toilets did not flush, they were filled with feces and stank really bad.

Timo set up a hammock in order to keep a better eye on our stuff that night. He stayed up while the rest of us slept.  Around 2am some guy walked into the campground (they leave the gate open).  Timo watched him as he walked by every occupied campsite, scanning the area, more than likely for something to steal. When he saw Timo he walked up and asked for a lighter and started talking to him. The guy tried to talk Timo into walking to the beach with him, which is a half a block away. The first time he asked, he said there was a party, the next time he said there were lots of girls, then free beer, then pot. Timo said the entire time, the guy was rubbing his nose and sniffing as if he were high on drugs. Timo’s assessment is that the guy was trying to lure him away from the campsite in order to rob us or perhaps have his friends rob us or steal our stuff.  We do not recommend camping in this campground.  They charge 3,500 colones per person ($7 USD) and 1,000 colones($2 USD) for the vehicle, if you are willing to take the risk of camping here.  We will not return to this campground.  We are very lucky and fortunate that we did not get ripped off that night.   You, your gear, and your vehicle are at risk in this place at night. I doubt this was an isolated event.  We recommend staying at another place in town such as, Hostel Buddha House, which is close by.

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Hotel Nahua (Tamarindo, Costa Rica) Review

Nahua Sign

We were looking for a quality place to stay at an affordable price in Tamarindo, Costa Rica that was also close to the beach.  This is what we have been searching for.  Whether you go to Tamarindo to enjoy the beautiful beach, the great surf, ecotours, nightlife and other activities or just to relax after a long day of traveling, you will be glad you chose to stay at Hotel Nahua… we sure were.  The entire hotel property is beautifully landscaped featuring native tropical plants.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

During  our stay at Hotel Nahua, we enjoyed the clean swimming pool which is surrounded by tropical plants with many lounge chairs around the pool deck.  There is a central  “hangout” area which is a shaded/covered area with very comfortable modern sofas.  It is a great area for your morning coffee and an excellent area for talking to fellow travelers or making new friends.  The Nahua has a really cool barbecue grill area overlooking the pool with two brick grills complete with sturdy top of the line grill/grates (not the flimsy rusty cheap stuff ) ready for you to cook some burgers or a nice fish.

Chill Zone

“Hangout” area

During our stay, there was a couple of bags of charcoal/carbon under the brick grill.  Inside our room we were  happy to find a minifridge, air conditioning (fresh not musky), a spacious hot shower, a large flat screen television w/cable and remote control, and Wifi with a good signal even though our room was not close to the reception.  Another great feature of The Hotel Nahua is the location.  The bank, supermarket and many exquisite shops are just a short walk away.  There are many restaurants, bars, burger and pizza joints just a short walk away as well.   Also only a 45 minute drive from the Liberia International Airport.  There is even a great coffee shop/cafe about 5 steps from the hotel.   

Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo Beach

And best of all, with us being surfers, the beach is also a short walk from the hotel (about two blocks).  

In the late afternoon, we encountered some monkeys who enjoy the many trees which surround the property.  During our stay we saw at least 6 monkeys including a family of monkeys passing by about an hour before sunset.  (These are not the noisy howler monkeys.)


Overall: Hotel Nahua is an outstanding deal for the quality of service.  The beds were very comfortable and the pillows were great (I travel with my own since many hotels usually have crappy pillows and did not have to use it since the pillows here are top notch).  The room was very clean w/ceramic tile floors.  The bathroom was very spacious with a full length mirror!  There was a sink in the room next to the bathroom which works great when there is more the one person traveling . We were all very impressed with how well maintained the facilities were and how helpful and nice the entire staff treated their guests.  When we checked out and headed out of town, Timo remembered he left the cord he uses to make bracelets, in the room.  Housekeeping already cleaned the room by the time we made it back and the cord was not in the room.  The lady saw Timo was back and walked over with the the cord to give it to him.  Very friendly staff and an overall good vibe!  We are all looking forward to staying here again in the future.  For reservations, rates and more information on Hotel Nahua, please visit their website.

View video footage of the facilities at Hotel Nahua:



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Radio Interview – Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico

Thanks to mxsteez team member, Edgar Machuca, we got airtime on a Nayarit radio station.  Mowye did the interview via cell phone while riding in the truck, minutes after we crossed the border into Honduras.  En Punto Radiorama Nayarit.  Thank You!

Check it out…

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mxsteez Abroad – El Salvador to Nicaragua – Episode 3

We have been in León, Nicaragua for three days and we plan to leave tomorrow morning, making our way to Costa Rica.  On this episode of mxsteez Abroad the team visits El Tunco, El Salvador for some surf and a little night life.  The team makes their way to Leon, Nicaragua to wander around the city.

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Sit back, Relax and catch up with your favorite surfers from San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico.

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