A New mxsteez Web-Series (Coming Soon!)

Okay, so I’ve been slacking on the whole blogging aspect of this blog.  Well not any more.  One of my New Year’s resolutions is to drastically improve this blog.  So here’s the deal.  As you don’t know, exactly six months ago my dad began renting a place on the beach here in San Blas called The San Blas Beach Club (Photo shown above).  It was a special place for everybody to come, eat free food and be themselves on the beach.  Anyway, we got notice on New Years Eve that we must turn over the keys back to the owner by January 13th.  It wasn’t good news but we knew the fun times wouldn’t last forever.  So, now that we no longer have any responsibilities, we have decided it is time to do some traveling.

The plan is:  Load up four of our local surfer friends, a bunch of surfboards and camping equipment in our 4×4 Nissan Fontier and drive the Pacific Coast line all the way to Costa Rica while stopping at as many world class surf spots and tourist destinations as possible.

We hope to hit the road by the very beginning of February this year.  We plan to be gone for several months.  We still have much to do before the trip can begin.  Most importantly we must find two local friends who can pick up and leave on such short notice then apply for passports for those people.  It will be a very interesting trip.  You don’t wanna miss out on this journey.

No need to stress though because I’ll be documenting everything as I am creating a Web- Series!!  It will be called, mxsteez Abroad.  I will be posting many new blog updates and Web-Series videos to this site about the trip.  Just don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and  Youtube channel so you don’t miss a thing!!

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