Jacó Bay Resort Condominiums (Jacó, Costa Rica) Review

IMG_1106We stayed at Jacó Bay Resort Condominiums for four nights.  Though they use the word “Resort”, it is more of a Condominium Hotel.  Jacó Bay Resort Condominiums is located on the outskirts of the small beach town of Jacó, Costa Rica.  Jacó Bay is about a 10 minute walk to the beach and a 15 minute walk to town, along side a two lane highway which wasn’t very busy when we were there.  When you arrive to Jacó Bay Resort Condominiums,  you will approach a gate which is controlled by the guards, who are in the guard shack 24 hours a day.  They will guide you to the reception area where you check-in.  At check-in, you will be given a paper bracelet that allows the staff to know you are a guest at the resort.  When you approach your assigned building you will be happy to find elevators to take you to your floor.  You will notice that the buildings are very basic, painted all white and relatively clean with no air conditioning except in your room (I saw a dead cockroach in the elevator on one occasion and multiple times there was a puddle of water left behind from people who had swam in the pool and failed to dry off before entering the elevator… no big deal).  Once you reach your floor, you will next search for your room.  IMG_1127Once you enter your room you will be happy to find multiple air conditioning units in every room, a fully equipped luxury kitchen complete with a dishwasher, oven and stove with ventilation fan, multiple lights with dimming capability, large sink with dish rack for drying, large counter space with breakfast bar complete with sitting stools, average sized refrigerator, blender, microwave, coffee maker, toaster oven, and cabinets with sets of six: quality silverware, mugs, glasses, plates, tea cups etc.  Everything you need for 6 people.

IMG_1133In the kitchen area was a washer and dryer, mop, broom, dust pan and storage shelves/pantry.  The dining room had a modern glass top dining table with 6 chairs and placemats for six as well.  Double sliding glass doors open to the balcony where there was a small table, ash tray and two chairs.  Our room overlooked the pool.  Some rooms are ocean view and some over look the street.  The resort is not fully complete.  Two towers are still in various phases of completion, however, the major construction is finished, so no noise problems at all.

IMG_1131Our living room was complete with two remote controlled air conditioners, a sizable television, a sofa and two comfortable chairs, all modern of course.  Our unit was a three bedroom, two bath set up with two bedrooms containing twin beds and a master bedroom with a king size bed.  All the beds were very comfortable as well as the pillows.  The bathrooms were sizable with plenty of towels, shampoo and soap.  Although it is not promoted as a hotel, each day, room service would come in, sweep the floors, launder the towels, mop, and replenish our soap, toilette paper etc. just like a hotel operation. IMG_1116 Outside of the buildings, you can find a very large pool with three jacuzzi/spa pools within the one large pool.  The pool was cleaned every morning and was monitored by a staff member (almost all day) with a remote control for the spa pools etc.  Near the pool is multiple outdoor showers and bathroom facilities.  Behind the pool is a playground area for children and next to the playground is a sandy area with a volleyball court.  This community area is most definitely the highlight of the resort.

Though there were a few, very minor, turn-offs about Jacó Bay Resort Condominium (such one or two items of trash floating in the pool at the end of the day, a few cockroach sitings, a few areas of the facility that wasn’t very well cleaned), you must keep in mind that this is a developing facility with a small staff for the size of the resort.  The bugs are understandable considering the resort is located in the jungle of Costa Rica.  The staff was very friendly and helpful.  We arrived a day early and stopped by the Resort to see if they had a room available, which they did not.  They made several calls to find something for us, since the entire town was near capacity.  They found a room for us at another hotel which we wound up not even going to since it was beyond our budget.  They were helpful in all respects and made every effort to accommodate us.  

Video footage of this facility was included in one of our episodes of mxsteez Abroad… here.

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