mxsteez Abroad – Hasta San Blas – Episode 7 (Season Finale)

On this episode of mxsteez Abroad, the team leaves Costa Rica and begins their journey back to San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico. Long days in the truck. The team stops in Tamarindo, Costa Rica for a couple of nights then they B-line it to Mexico and stop in Puerto Escondido. Three days later, the team made it back safely to San Blas, where the trip began. It was an awesome trip and we sincerely thank everybody who helped us make our dream a reality! Thank you all! I hope you all enjoyed the series. Be sure to stay tuned for extras on the trip and things we are doing in San Blas. Also, stay tuned for the full feature movie of the trip that will be coming out sometime in 2015!

Enjoy the episode and don’t forget to follow our journey on our Facebook page, Youtube channel & here on the blog.


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