About Us

What is mxsteez?


San Blas, Nayarit

Explanation:   Mx stands for Mexico.  See, all of this started when I moved to Mexico in August of 2012.  My dad and I made the drive from our hometown in Winter Haven, Florida.  We were bound for a little fishing village called San Blas in the state of Nayarit.  We had been there before.  Actually my dad had lived there off and on since 2009.  But this was the final trip for him.  We had the truck and a trailer loaded with all our belongings and we were ready to start a new life South of the border.

Steez is slang for style.  Unique style with ease to be exact.  After the first few months of living in Mexico, I learned that Mexicans had a unique way of living.  Put the two together and you have mxsteez.

The mxsteez colors (Green, White and Red) are the colors of the Mexican flag.

Now ya know.

About Me: 

Alex RobertsMy name is Alex Roberts.  I was born in March of 1996 in a small town in Central Florida.  I currently live in San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico.  I absolutely love traveling, surfing and making videos.  In fact, that’s all I really plan on doing for the rest of my life.  I made this blog to create an escape for everyday people.  Hoping to inspire them to step out into the world.  Seek something different.  Understand a different culture.  All by sharing a piece of my good time.  So, ease back, relax and let the Mexican steez be revealed!!

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One Response to About Us

  1. Jean-Marc says:

    Hola Alex,

    Bonjour à toute la bande de Mxsteez de la part de Sophie, Axel, Ugo et Jean-Marc.

    Respeto por las videos, y mas. Eres un Profesional.

    Pura Vida.


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