cropped-mxsteez-official1.pngOur goal with this trip is to bring World Wide recognition to San Blas, Nayarit as a surfing destination and to get the individual surfers noticed on a professional level. The traveling team members will meet and interact with people in 6 different countries while surfing world class surf breaks that most have only dreamed about. We will be traveling through Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica and back.

mx abroad

The cost for this 10,000 kilometer adventure for gasoline, food, lodging, passports, visas etc. is tremendous. The team has been working hard to save the necessary money as well as gathering food donations from friends and family to reduce the expenses.  We also plan on free camping on the beach and cooking our own meals as much as possible to reduce expenses and make for a more interesting journey. 

We are seeking financial help for this 2 or 3 month trip.  Every dollar makes a big difference.

In return, we will list names of contributors below (unless requested otherwise):

We are sincerely grateful for donations from the following:

Every donation will be greatly appreciated by our entire team.  Thank You!!

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