The Team

Below are photos and descriptions of everybody who will be riding along for the Central American surf trip:

Timoteo Isaac Castaneda Ayon

Timoteo Isaac Castaneda Ayon

Title: Surfer

Description: Meet Timoteo Ayon (age 23), everybody just calls him Timo.  Timo is from San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico.  He’s a really mellow guy.  In his free time he enjoys playing the acoustic guitar, bass guitar and just about any other instrument.  He plays bass guitar in a local ska band called, Skazos Recursos.  He is currently working on his English speaking skills, he is able get his point across most of the time.  Timo is also a really good surfer.  He prefers the longboard over a shortboard any day, like I said, he’s a mellow guy.

Watch Timo surf:

Rafael Carrillo a.k.a. Vocho

Rafael Carrillo a.k.a. Vocho

Title: Surfer

Description: Meet Rafael Carrillo (age 28).  Everybody calls him Vocho.  Vocho is a big guy.  Solid muscle.  An animal in the water.  An all around cool guy.  But he eats and drinks a lot.  His favorite maneuvers are snaps and cutbacks.  The bigger the wave, the better.  He surfs a 5’8” shortboard that is as thin as a sheet of paper.  He speaks a little bit of English but understands even more.

Watch Vocho surf:

Edgar Nahin Diaz Machuca a.k.a. Maui

Edgar Nahin Diaz Machuca a.k.a. Maui

Title: Surfer & Skateboarder

Description: Meet Edgar Machuca (age 27).  Everybody calls him Maui.  Maui is a Marine Biologist that often travels for his research assignments throughout Mexico.  I haven’t seen him surf much because he works a lot but I have heard that he is a good surfer and an even better skateboarder.  Can’t wait to get some footage of this guy.

Watch Edgar surf and skate:

Alex Roberts a.k.a. El Leon

Alex Roberts a.k.a. El Leon

Title:  mxsteez Founder, Cameraman and Video Editor

Description:  I’m Alex Roberts (age 18).  My nickname is El Leon.  I am from Winter Haven, Florida but moved to San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico in August of 2012.  I am the guy behind this blog and this Web Series.  I edit and videotape all of the videos.  I also enjoy surfing though I am kind of a beginner.  I surf a 7’5”.  I love to travel and experience different cultures.

Dave Roberts a.k.a. Pepe Pollo

Dave Roberts a.k.a. Pepe Pollo

Title: Team Coordinator, Driver and Assistant Cameraman

Description:  Meet Dave Roberts (my dad).  His nickname is Pepe Pollo.  Dave is from Winter Haven, Florida and moved to San Blas, Nayarit in 2009.  Dave helps with a lot of the technical aspects of mxsteez.  He drives all of his surfer friends around in his 4×4 Nissan Frontier.  And when I’m in the water surfing, he mans the camera for me.  Thanks Dave!

You can follow the team and the Web-Series here on our blog, as well as on our Facebook page and Youtube channel.


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